Wow updating setup files ze

04 Feb

Your Interface folder should then look something like this: How to uninstall To restore your icons back to default, simply delete the files you added (the folder ICONS as well as four files) in the Interface folder. Make sure you are in the correct Game profile in the YOUR GAMES section.Scroll down to the Addon Settings section and find the AUTO INSTALL UPDATES option.This is an updated version of Clean Icons - Thin by suicidalkatt.The original addon hasn't been updated since patch 7.2.5 as of me uploading this.

If you want to make sure you have your addons up to date when you go to log into World of Warcraft, but you do not want to check to see if there are any addons to be updated, you can use our auto-update feature.In your Settings you will want to be in the GAME SPECIFIC tab.I have gone through and processed every single icon added to the live game since 7.2.5, and made sure they look good and follow the original style.I had already released a fan update for 7.3.2 in the comment section, but since there still hasn't been an official update I decided to release future versions here instead where it'll be easier to maintain.Wed Aug 9, 2017: Minor rephrases regarding the Client.For many of these you will need to go into your Settings. Open the Twitch App, and click on the Mods section, and select your game (i.e., Rift, Wo W, Wildstar, TESO, TSW, Wo T, etc.).

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