Word of mouth dating Camlive peru xxx

08 Feb

Communication: 2 – Garbage, trying to communicate with others is like insulting them!

Physical ability: 5 – Rubbish, even a loli elementary schooler would defeat you with a single kick!

Art: 9 – Low level, it barely counts as having some minor ability to appreciate beauty, hmph!

The European pioneers fought wars for several hundred years against the Native Americans, so both Europe and America’s development fell far behind, and the Asian Huaxia Empire became the world’s only superpower.

But seventy years ago, a large continent arose from the bottom of the Pacific Ocean, and there was actually an ancient civilization on it that tried to conquer the entire world, but ended up stalemating against the allied armies of the entire world, so in the end they signed a peace treaty and they’ve become the world’s second superpower. Seiji’s face could only distort when he learned the fantasy-like history of this world.

At what point would something be attracted to someone or able to establish an orbit?

Next, was the ability to check someone’s current level of friendship or affection towards you, along with inspecting his own stats.

Other than that, there were also CGs and video playbacks, that could replay some scenes of him interacting with girls, it’s like a type of album. The last function, the one that Seiji found the most incredible, the most gamebreaking, even if he didn’t have any of the above abilities, just with this last ability, he could subvert the entire world. Because the final ability of the dating sim system was – Saving and loading!!!

This game function is the most ordinary of all, every game comes with this function.

This was his first save file, and also the one right after he reincarnated.

Let’s just start from here now, a new life after reincarnation.

Not only that, the military equipment in this world made his eyes sparkle, apart from conventional weapons, such as guns, tanks, and cruisers, there were also robot warriors, single-pilot mechs, flying castles, biologically engineered living giants, technology that he had only seen in sci-fi manga before.

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