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25 Jan

Their eyes are glazed and they burble incoherently in Manchester accents.I agree that she puts on that weak femininity in front of Steve–mostly because I believe she knows he’s dumb enough to fall for it.And it’s a femininity that’s very much rooted in sexual power, I think, we know Steve finds her attractive (they were sleeping together in the pilot movie right?Is feminine power best in a supporting role and not a command role?I mean, Arthur may be the figurehead to implement the plans and by the high-profile spy, and he and the Baroness speak roughly like equals, but she’s also in charge.

I agree that Steve seems pretty dumb, even though he’s the one who seems to get to do all the investigating (that the warden’s son doesn’t do for them).And it’s not like he’s playing dumb, just that he’s not the brightest bulb Well, not superiority, but I guess I mean like we obviously know that Diana is feeding Steve all his ideas and then he gets all the glory, which I mean she probably doesn’t want, but it was just annoying to me.