Who is terrell carter dating now

16 Feb

Carter is also an accomplished singer and music producer--he's worked with Quincy Jones, P.

So much so at one point Frankie had to hop in between them to get them apart (I snapped a pic of that).

They were in the VIP area with another gay couple not trying to take alot of pics together until girls came around.

Ty, of Indy, (now in Denver), says, “Hey, Jimmy, I’ve got a suggestion for LLOD since there seems to be a few repeaters (by no means is that a complaint).

Give some love to us Supercross/Motocross fans by making Miss Supercross 2010-11 Mercedes Terrell the LLOD.

Looks like that Twittering Terrell Carter fellow has gotten over that Alex Cortez dude in the picture above and has moved on to some new meat.We heard that he is dating someone that you ladies might be a fan of already…flip the script to see who it is…