Who is keith sweat dating dating wardrobe

12 Feb

After you’ve completed your profile page you want to start using the site right away, since all the sensual R&B has got to have you in the mood by now, but the site informs you that your profile is yet to be approved then they ask you to wait 72 hours! This is ultimately a good thing since they really preach legitimacy on the site so any profile you see is completely real and not fictitious in the least.The home page is looks great with a modern layout and some member profile picture to entice you.The lack of explicit advertising that a lot of sites have helps set the romantic mood, there is one add-on the home page but it seem to conveniently be for a book written by Keith Sweat which I’m assuming is about relationships since its called “Make It Last Forever, The Do’s and the Don’ts”.He has always been innovative in his music and has incorporated many modern variations like the use of the ‘swingbeat’ but has never steered from the use of traditional soul base.Keith Sweat is one of the most revered R&B singers of all time.

Having to wait 72 hours for my profile to be approved is definitely a big drawback for me, I understand the need to be selective since there trying to provide quality members but 72 hours is a bit ridiculous of a waiting period.The site is new so maybe once they get a bit more recognized they’ll hire some more staff to reduce the time it takes to get your profile approved.After discussing her 40-year friendship with Keith, the mother-of-two now admits she regrets ever being involved with him.The pair remained friends even after he left for Nashville to follow his dreams, which eventually led to his marriage with Nicole.Known for his distinctive ‘whining’ vocal style, Sweat has established himself as one of the most successful male R&B/soul singers not only in America but also in other parts of the world.