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08 Feb

“A public breakup is obviously a large part of that narrative and people are going to connect those dots.From video of the incident above, it’s not entirely evident what happened.In the middle of performing “Soul Meets Body”, Gibbard abruptly ripped his earpieces out, tossed aside his guitar, and attempted to keep singing.“What the state had to lose by sticking to its guns on this piece of legislation was vastly larger than what it stood to gain from it.”“I don’t see any difference between the struggle that the LGBT community is experiencing with laws such as Indiana’s and the Civil Rights Movement in the 1960s—though a black man was gunned down by a police officer two days ago in South Carolina, so that is an ongoing struggle in itself,” he continues.“But I think for people of my generation, this issue is a huge one.”In the music world, another issue has emerged regarding artists’ compensation from streaming platforms.

The band would return to finish their set, albeit a shorter one than other recent tour stops.

Still, the SC crowd did get a special treat, as Lauren Mayberry of openers CHVRCHES joined DCFC early in the show for a performance of “Brothers on a Hotel Bed”.

You can watch video of that guest appearance below.

As host of last night’s amf AR Gala in New York City, Taraji P.