Wabe cam

26 Jan

Re Curry, why didn't the chump cut a wedge rather than letting the FS moron cut the whole tree down???Robert Krulwich is quit wrong in his sentimentality about the oldest tree.Every intelligible Ito us) thing that the tree was a repository for it still was on its death.Apropos the Cupertino effect: the spell checker of the earlier version of Microsoft Word on Macintosh (ca.1986/87) did not recognize "Edinburgh." Its suggested replacement: "Dingleberry." (I first noticed this while working on a project at Tandem Computers, in...

Turner, those objects became "international objects."Thanks for your Radiolab show.

The Berkeley pit segment left me with respect for the awesome resiliency of our planet as a living system - and redoubled my resolve to help keep it habitable for us humans as well.

Yes, the burn team on the day of James Swiderski's death may have made errors, but fire management is extremely complex, involving 60 variables, only two of which can be controlled by the burn team.

Additionally, the warbler has not "failed to adapt" or been "outcompeted" by the cowbird.

What if that particular migratory goose population had already gone extinct as this warbler was about to - by man's interference?

Just heard a rebroadcast of this episode, and wanted to add my voice to the encouraging number who have commented on their disappointment with the presentation of the Kirtland's warbler segment.

And once everything’s in place, the train hops your carefully laid tracks.

) sets the wheels in motion with some cautionary newsroom tales: attempts to avoid human error lead to editorial absurdities no one saw coming.