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14 Feb

If there were a theme song for VR, that would be the chorus.Picture a kind of hyper-efficient, technology-mediated speed dating.There’s a billion dollar startup in there somewhere.All of this could happen without the two of you being anywhere near each other.You could go on a date with someone in France or China.

In one sense, VR is the holy grail of communication technology — something that can convince your lizard brain that it’s in the same room as another person.

Ultimately, all of the little nuances that gives face-to-face communication special power can be recorded and transmitted.

A gamer uses the console's controller in the normal way but instead of looking at a TV screen, the images are shown through the visor in stereoscopic 3D - making the gamer feel as if they are playing inside the game.

The Oculus Rift headset from Oculus VR is fitted with a 7inch screen that is worn while playing certain video games.

Current VR, focused on sight, sound, and motion wouldn’t be enough.