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01 Feb

In the 1996 article I documented numerous discrepancies in "The Search for Satan." In the 1998 article I compared the statements of Frontline interviewees retracter Mary Shanley, Shanley's friend Meredith Shriner and Spring Shadows Glen nurse Sally Mc Donald's statements in "The Search for Satan" to their testimonies under cross-examination in US v. Under cross-examination, their claims in "The Search for Satan" were summarily impeached.Lemarath^Shandra has something to say about this as well.If you would like to tell us something about any of these books, use our mailform. A surprising number of the books in this list, especially more recent ones, can be found there: check it out!"Physical and emotional pain can leave tattooed scars that will never go away; but once emotions are discovered and fears that bind are overcome there is infinite possibility, there is HOPE." "It is with passion that I complete the journey that Truddi started.My HOPE is that you will embrace her life and life stories and find 'YOUR VOICE' through your journey." Shirley A. The Woman I Knew Nancy reminisces about her friend and shares her view of multiplicity. Learn more about her friendship with Shirley and her personal life.

Even so, we recommend that everyone who is in therapy (multiple or not) read this book.Read it if you have ever had questions about the way your doctor tries to dredge up questionable traumatic memories -- or if you feel like you're being pressed to accept a certain view of yourself, the people in your multiple system (if any) and your childhood that doesn't fit your truth.

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