Updating training

25 Jan

If you've donated feel free to contact my gmail username Jimmy Ruska and request a download. I've compiled a list of interval song associations with their associated videos or audio from youtube, along with links to where you can find more. Being able to replicate a given note by whistling or singing it back is not perfect pitch or relative pitch.Too often training programs keep on being used in the organization when they are no longer effective.Take this opportunity to make changes to your training programs so they remain effective and of value for participants.Please contact your financial or legal advisors for information specific to your situation.update training schult und qualifiziert arbeitslose Frauen und Männer jeder Altersgruppe und erleichtert ihnen den beruflichen (Wieder-)Einstieg.

I could just stop giving out the manual, but I’m thinking that’s not a great plan.

Having our procedures in writing helps to reinforce the importance of the information I’m conveying.

Learning to read takes time even after you get associations for every letter, and of course for some you may not really need to make an association.

I was someone who couldn't learn certain intervals until I finally associated a song to them. That's why I made this program, and yes, I don't have to think of the song now every time I hear or recreate the interval.

Beyond that, not only were plenty of pages in the manual irrelevant, but other pieces were missing entirely.