Updating the beers criteria for potentially inappropriate

14 Feb

O total de medicamentos utilizados foi 212 na instituição A, 532 na B e 1329 na C.

There was a high frequency in the use of potentially inappropriate medications which can initiate marked side effects and may compromise the fragile health of institutionalized elderly.

Thus, adopting the Beers Criteria in prescribing medication contributes to minimize adverse reactions and drug interactions.

Foram identificados 34 medicamentos inapropriados, prescritos 89 vezes na instituição A (41.98%), 49 prescritos 177 vezes na B (67.29%) e 90 prescritos 460 vezes na C (34.61%).

Este estudo demonstrou diferença estatística na utilização de medicamentos inapropriados entre os gêneros (p=0.007). Farmacologia clínica: fundamentos da terapêutica racional.

All subjects aged 60 years and above on November 2011 were included and followed until November 2012.

Eighteen subjects were excluded and the final sample consisted of 133 individuals aged 60 to 113 years.

A list of medications that frequently cause side effects when administered to elderly patients.

Among the medications on the list are those that cause prominent neuropsychiatric, renal, and anticholinergic side effects.

Os anti-histamínicos de 1ª geração foram os medicamentos potencialmente inapropriados para idosos mais utilizados (15.34%).

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