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05 Feb

YP is a directory service compatible with Sun Microsystems NIS (Network Information System).This section details how to keep your system up to date between releases.For the Open BSD base system, there are four options: Apply binary patches If you're running the most recent release of Open BSD, you can simply use the syspatch(8) utility to upgrade any files in need of security or reliability fixes.For some applications, simply synchronizing a small number of configuration files among a group of machines using tools like rdist(1), cron(8), scp(1) or (available from ports) constitutes an easy and robust alternative to a full-blown directory service.For compatibility reasons, all security features built into the Open BSD implementation of YP are switched off by default.

To use directory services other than YP, you either need to populate local configuration files from the directory, or you need a YP frontend to the directory.