Updating firmware linksys wireless router

28 Jan

A: It is a managed rollout where all nodes are updated during the same session.

People can't schedule updates, are not warned beforehand, not told afterwards and can't fall back to a previous version if the new version is a problem. These devices usually have model numbers starting with EA or WRT.

On my Google Wifi system (shown at the right), it updated firmware on Oct 2, 2017 at pm, right in the middle of the afternoon. The information below applies to these routers and not to their Velop mesh router system, which can also self-update.

During setup, there's a checkbox that you can uncheck to prevent the router from automatically checking for and installing updates.

This option is also togglable under the connectivity settings.

An "audit log" of sorts can be found on the manual firmware download page for each SKU under "release notes".

The release notes contain a timestamp of the release, the firmware version, and some patch notes. The router checks for updates by querying the Linksys Smart Wi Fi cloud.

During that time, the firmware had been updated from version 9334.41.3 to 9460.40.5.

Within a couple hours, the router self-updated to the new firmware.

As for answering these questions, my experience with self-updating routers has been limited to eero and Google Wi-Fi.

Someone from Linksys provided answers to these questions for their "Smart-Wifi" branded routers (model numbers starting with EA or WRT).

We have dashboards so we can monitor progress of the firmware releases, which is done in carefully controlled phases. As of mid-April 2017 Google does not seem to have a single web page with a history of firmware releases. I could not tell, immediately, if this was true or not. Firmware revision can be noted per mesh node via the app. Q: Can you be notified of firmware updates beforehand? Updates are done carefully in a phased rollout to ensure no regressions.

Q: If you are notified beforehand, can you schedule the firmware installation and the necessary reboots it entails? Q: If you do nothing, how quickly will newly released firmware be installed?