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Ownership of the land was called into dispute by the English holders of the Warwick Patent of 1631.

According to John Taylor: "The men of the three towns were a law unto themselves.

It is known that they were in earnest for the establishment of a government on broad lines; and it is certain that the ministers and captains, the magistrates and men of affairs, forceful in the settlements from the beginning, were the men who took the lead, guided the discussions, and found the root of the whole matter in the first written declaration of independence in these historical orders." The Fundamental Orders of Connecticut is a short document, but contains some principles that were later applied in creating the United States government.

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The fundamental orders describe the government set up by the Connecticut River towns, setting its structure and powers.

Major John Mason was a magistrate and is credited with being one of the writers of this document.

There is no record of the debates or proceedings of the drafting or enactment of the Fundamental Orders.

'Their portrayal of our city is poor, it's insensitive and it reflects our children, especially, in a poor light.'I'm disappointed in Disney because they are supposed to be a family values company and here they are mocking a community, mocking children and making light of the fact that we are a city rich in diversity that I view as a strength, not a weakness.'Sen.

Majority Leader Bob Duf (left) f, D-Norwalk and Norwalk superintendent of schools, Steven J Adamowski (right, both wrote letters to ABC Entertainment Group President Channing Dungey to voice their disdain of the constant insults'If your company is truly family friendly then it will keep the humor to people who can defend themselves, not attacking high school students.' Norwalk superintendent of schools, Steven J Adamowski, also wrote a letter to Dungey voicing his concerns on the show's message surrounding bullying.'As superintendent of Norwalk Public Schools, I'm writing to let you know that insults about Norwalk children on a national network TV show are not funny,' he said. 'Adamnowski made the suggestion that their were possible repercussions for students.'Our high school students in particular now find themselves the target of stereotypes and prejudices, on a TV network owned by Disney,' Adamowski added.

Residents of a Connecticut city that has been mocked on an ABC sitcom say the jokes need to stop, citing a Halloween episode featuring a character dressed up as a pregnant 'Norwalk prom girl.''American Housewife' is set in Westport, and characters have occasionally derided their neighbors in Norwalk, drawing the ire of the city's real-life residents.'It's a constant attack on Norwalk,' Sen.