That dating magazine

24 Jan

Or perhaps he never married but has in his past a nightmare of a long-term girlfriend who cheated on him with his former best friend.If you are reading this and you are white, seeing people who look like you in mass media probably isn’t something you think about often.Every day, the culture reflects not only you but nearly infinite versions of you–executives, poets, garbage collectors, soldiers, nurses and so on.That movie, the 1980 Star Wars sequel The Empire Strikes Back, introduced Calrissian as a complicated human being who still did the right thing.That’s one reason I grew up knowing I could be the same.

Staying over at a younger man's place may mean a breakfast of cold pizza and Mountain Dew, but at least you won't be offered Mylanta and Metamucil with your OJ.

The reason for this is that he's Scarily Healthy.

Home cooking was something Bronson always hoped to experience, not The Way Things Used to Be.