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13 Feb

When soldiers tried to approach him, there was a huge blast. Then the men came with big guns.' 'Two guards were there, sitting on the desk at the front, when four people wearing black uniform ran in. First they targeted the brigadier and his guards, the two guards were killed. I went there and saw children being taken out in ambulances. My younger brother called me and told me that Ahmed's body was lying in the mortuary of the military hospital.My son told that he was being kept safe by the Pakistan army inside. God forbid may he's not among the students still under custody of terrorists.'Crying and barely able to speak, he told Mail Online: 'When I heard there was an attack I ran to the school. I sent my cousins and staff to search the hospitals while I stayed praying at school. We are innocent people, my boys are innocents who do not carry guns and bombs.They are taking a picture of them to prove they are safe.'They have told me that the children are safe in the custody of the army.' Mrs Humayun Khan, one of the mothers of a student, said with tears in her eyes: 'No body is telling me about my son's whereabouts... The only justice for me is to find these people who are supporting extremists and hang them in rows. Mushtaq Ghani, the spokesman for the provincial government of Khyber Pakhtunkhwa, told journalist Aamir Iqbal: 'At least six militants wearing military uniforms entered the school from back wall of the school that is known as 'Army Public School'.We are innocent people, by boys are innocents who do not carry guns and bombs.The only justice for me is to find these people who are supporting extremists and hang them in rows. He said: 'hey opened fire at the students and then went out.

The Taliban has also attempted to enforce its opposition to women's rights to education through violence.

In January last year, five female teachers were massacred when militants ambushed a van transporting them home from their jobs at a community centre.

Our teacher first told us that some kind of drill was going on and that we do not need to worry. Irshadah Bibi, who lost her 12-year-old son, beat her face as she cried: ‘O God, why did you snatch away my son? As we stepped outside the gate, we started weeping again very loudly. At first, the children thought it was just a drill. As the pupils poring over their books realised the bangs they could hear were the sounds of guns fired in anger, panic spread. He continued: 'The back gate is around 200 meters from our class room. It was so terrible.'We reached back gate in a minute.

’ Humayun Khan said with tears in her eyes: ‘Nobody is telling me about my son’s whereabouts... An aunt from a nearby house heard us and took us inside her house. By 10.15, at least 60 pupils were already dead as hundreds of Pakistani soldiers poured from lorries to seal off the area and take the battle to the Taliban fighters, all of whom were wearing suicide vests. I tightly held the hand of my friend Daniyal and we both ran towards the back gate. As we stepped outside the gate, we started weeping again very loudly. We stayed there for 15 minutes.'Our van always parked a few hundred meters away from the school. The van driver told us that our school fellows who have been murdered in the attack are martyrs and they would go to jannah (paradise). I saw mothers and fathers crying like mad at the gate of the school. Everyone is pushing us, the Americans, our own government.'Pharmacist Ahmed Salman, whose 15-year-old son was killed, said: 'I took my son to school this morning and I was at work when someone told me there was firing in the school.

The massacre began early yesterday morning as the gunmen stormed the school.

A teacher is said to have been doused in petrol and set alight, her pupils forced to watch her die an awful, agonising death.

A school volunteer who did not want to be named described the auditorium shooting: 'I was working with the other organisations. I was in the auditorium when they burst in, it was 1030 when they broke in to the school. One of the wounded students, Abdullah Jamal, said he was with a group of 8th, 9th and 10th graders who were getting first-aid instructions and training with a team of Pakistani army medics when the attack began.

There was a function in the auditorium, they just opened fire on everyone. A security official speaking on condition of anonymity said two helicopter gunships are on site, but had been prevented from firing on the militants because students and teachers were inside the building.