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11 Feb

Lord Petre spoke of the gratitude he was aware those present felt to the British Government for assisting their immigration at such a dire time, but also said he felt this should not overshadow the gratitude due from Britain to the Ugandan Asians, who had brought their knowledge, innovation, and enthusiasm for work, and had contributed so much to the country since their arrival.

Our best estimate of the area of the Upper Indus Basin (at Besham Qila) is 164,867 km using the ASTER DEM).

This matches the catchment area measured by WAPDA SWHP.

The year has been marked by a number of high-profile events, including debates in the Houses of Commons and Lords; thanksgiving services in different faith traditions; and other celebratory and legacy initiatives.

Over the course of the year, these have been joined by Government and Shadow Ministers, and prominent people from the worlds of business, the arts and sciences.

At a celebration hosted by Stansted Airport on Friday 8 November, a permanent plaque in memory of the challenges and achievements of the diaspora was unveiled by Her Majesty’s Lord Lieutenant of Essex, Lord Petre, on behalf of Her Majesty the Queen, marking the end of a year of commemoration.Well over 130 people, including a number of the original immigrants who cam from across the UK, gathered together to mark not only the unveiling of the plaque but also to share their memories and experiences.This paper considers automated and supervised delineation in a case study of the Upper Indus Basin (UIB), Pakistan, for which published estimates of the basin area show significant disagreement, ranging from 166,000 to 266,000 km.Automated delineation used Arc GIS Archydro and hydrology tools applied to three good quality DEMs (two from SRTM data with 90m resolution, and one from 30m resolution ASTER data).They have always worried about their future in Kenya, worked hard as they prospered.Indians, called Muhindis or Hindis, have been trading with Kenyan coastal towns since Biblical times.