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The Olympics has incorporated wheelchair racing, and special ski programs throughout the country have dramatically improved the visibility of the disabled in the public eye. Mainstream participation in sports by the physically challenged is still a primary goal.Increasing demand, interest, and grass roots product developments by consumers encouraged manufacturers to begin producing commercial materials and componentry targeted for active physically challenged people with the resultant emergence of a market.Details of developments available for specific activities will be dealt with later in this chapter.Prior to the 1980s, devices commercially available specifically for sports and recreation activities were limited to the Hosmer-Dorrance prosthetic Baseball and Bowling Adapters (Campbell, Calif).Prosthetists fabricated custom devices for other activities, or the patients themselves designed adaptions for particular pursuits.

Home training programs are valuable because they allow the patient to continue rehabilitation and physical conditioning outside the clinical environment.Physical conditioning without a prosthesis has its limits, however.

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