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08 Feb

She gave them employment and security, and they’ve given her loyalty in exchange.

One of two groups that entered play when Empire Eighty-Eight dissolved.

Led by Purity, second hand to Kaiser, the Empire’s previous leader.

It has been explained that the reason for their roving behavior and hunger for money is tied to a situation with one of their members, Noelle.

Following Coil’s demise and Noelle’s escape, they disintegrated as a group. Left the city prior to the Endbringer arc to recruit a new member.

Led by a Thinker to organize them, they’re something of an elite force.

After some losses at the hands of the Slaughterhouse Nine in Boston, they’ve come to Brockton Bay in hopes of joining the Undersider’s alliance.

The Teeth Once a gang in Brockton Bay, they were nearly wiped out by the Slaughterhouse Nine.

They re-established themselves as cells in New York and Boston, and have since rebuilt, though turnover has proved high enough that no original members remain – only the name survives.

Advocating superheroes without secrets and full accountability, they attempted to start a movement that stalled when a team member was murdered in her civilian identity.

The team consisted of two related nuclear families, who have all become celebrities of a sort, wearing costumes without masks or helmets, each white with an emblem personal to the member.

Formed of a splinter group of ex-hero Case 53s and others, following the revelations of the Triumvirate’s involvement with Cauldron.

The group does mercenary work, with a focus on doing good deeds more than on making money, and retains loose ties to the Protectorate and Wards.