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04 Feb

Your vagina may feel a little dry since you had your baby.

Diaphragms and caps You can use a diaphragm or cap each time you want to have sex.

Diaphragms and caps are soft, circular domes made of rubber or silicone, that fit over your cervix.

Your periods may not start again until you cut down breastfeeds or stop breastfeeding altogether.

You could still be fertile before you realise it, though. Sterilisation for women and men: what you need to know. [pdf file, accessed February 2013] I am 8 weeks post partum and I had unprotected sex 16 days ago.

Here's a guide to contraception after the birth. Your periods will return any time from about six weeks to three months after your baby's birth if you are formula-feeding or combining breast and formula feeds.

You are fertile two weeks before you have your period.

Using lubricating jelly may make having sex more comfortable.

The jelly should be water-soluble, and not oil-based, to prevent it from damaging the condom.

You can have the injection any time after giving birth if you are formula feeding.

However, you should wait six weeks after your baby's birth before you have any injections if you're breastfeeding.