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22 Jan

"During the sea level low associated with continental glaciation, what is now our shallow marine shelf was exposed and characterized by terrestrial environments, such as rivers and swamps," Tew said.

Likewise, the far more ancient stumps 10 miles offshore also required a freshwater swamp to live in. "It shows the Mobile River extending much farther out, much like what we have in the delta today, just much farther offshore.

Imagine that delta being there offshore if you dropped sea level down. We're not talking so old that trees would have changed.

After a few successful trips, he asked a scuba diving buddy to take a look and tell him what was on the bottom.

The diver came up and reported seeing dozens of tree stumps in every direction.

It would look much like it looks today, a big swamp." When the Gulf was at its shallowest, 18,000 years ago, the river delta would have been even farther offshore, Fearn said.

The Gulf would have been about 120 feet shallower than it is today.

The trees run along a small drop off along the Gulf's bottom south of the Fort Morgan peninsula.

For hundreds of yards, the stumps follow the lazy meanders of what appears to be an ancient river channel that runs to the north, toward the modern day Mobile-Tensaw Delta, which drains Alabama and portions of Tennessee, Georgia and Mississippi.

We had those dated and they are about 2,000 years old.