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So it is recommended to get private SUPPLEMENTARY health insurance.When arriving in Alberta one of the first things you should do is apply for the Alberta Health Insurance plan.The Alberta health insurance plan covers most basic health-care services such as doctor visits, xrays, hospital etc.You may confirm that the trade indicated in the title has been designated as an Interprovincial Standards Red Seal Trade on that Web site, for which all provinces and territories (except the Northwest Territories, Nunavut, Quebec and the Yukon) have jointly agreed on certification standards.In these trades, apprentices who have completed their training and certified journeypersons, holders of provincial or territorial Certificates of Qualification, can apply to write an Interprovincial Standards Examination; if successful, they receive a distinctive “Red Seal” to affix to their Certificate of Qualification.

As a resident of Canada for income tax purposes for part or all of a tax year (January 1 to December 31), you must file a tax return if you: For more information, see “Do you have to file a return? As a newcomer to Canada, you should be aware that most individuals who reside in Canada file only one income tax return for the tax year, because the Canadian government collects taxes on behalf of all provinces and territories except the Province of Quebec.

For the tax year that you are a newcomer to Canada and for each tax year that you continue to be a resident of Canada for income tax purposes, use the General Income Tax and Benefit Package for the province or territory where you resided on December 31 of the tax year.

For the part of the tax year that you were a resident of Canada You have to report your world income (income from all sources, both inside and outside Canada) earned after becoming a resident of Canada for income tax purposes on your Canadian tax return.

For more information about income you have to report and credits you can ask for as a newcomer to Canada, see Pamphlet T4055, Newcomers to Canada.