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18 Jan

These churches were as follows: Bear in mind that the other churches did not have the same parish structure as the Church of Scotland.Since there was no requirement to record these, a great many parishes simply did not bother and of those that did, many have not survived.Often the only record that a death has taken place will be implied in the payment of a fee to the parish for the hire of the mortcloth or pall which was draped over the coffin or the body itself for the funeral.That way you should be able to view all the baptisms, marriages, burials or other events for that parish/congregation that year and can sort by forename and surname.Of all the events recorded in church registers, those of deaths and burials are acknowledged to be the most sparsely kept.

As well as the Church of Scotland, other Presbyterian churches in Scotland kept registers of baptisms, marriages and burials from 1716 onwards.

These other church registers are in the course of being added to the Scotlands People site.

Record format and content varied over time, with the responsibility for the information gathered being placed with the parish priest - since there was no standard format prescribed, record keeping varied enormously from parish to parish and also from year to year.

Approximately 700 registers have survived, the earliest dating from 1703, but most records only begin in the 30 years following the relaxation of legislation against Catholics in the 1790s.

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