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22 Jan

This PETA ad, for example, shows Pamela Anderson’s sexualized body divided into pieces of meat: And this album cover shows a woman being salted and eaten, along with a platter of chicken: In the ad below for Red Tape shoes, women are literally for sale and consumption, “served chilled”: 7) Does the image treat a sexualized person’s body as a canvas?We now have more than 10 years of research demonstrating that living in an objectifying society is highly toxic for girls and women.I’ll describe that research in Part 2 of this series.In the two images below, women’s bodies are presented as a particular type of object: a canvas that is marked up or drawn upon.The damage caused by widespread female objectification in popular culture is not just theoretical.

The image below, advertising Mercedes-Benz, presents just part of a woman’s body (breasts) as interchangeable and additive: This image of a set of Victoria’s Secret models, borrowed from a previous Sociological Images post, has a similar effect.

Their hair and skin color varies slightly, but they are also presented as all of a kind: 4) Does the image affirm the idea of violating the bodily integrity of a sexualized person who can’t consent?

She was walking down the street and lived just a next door with mine.

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