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08 Feb

What’s been the biggest challenge of working on The Americans?What difference did you find in the working styles of TV productions here and there?I think about 10 years ago there definitely was a difference in the working styles of Bollywood and the West, but now people in India are working very similarly to how they are working there.#glenfiddichindia A post shared by Rahul Khanna (@mrkhanna) on A Rahul on the rocks, anyone?A sneak peek from my new photo spread and interview in the December issue of @gqindia.

Now let us burst that bubble for you and tell you that this was merely a complaint letter to British Airways.But halfway through the letter, you actually start feeling bad for him.The level of preparedness and professionalism is on a par for the most part.Planning meticulously and scheduling is also more or less the same. I am happy they thought I was good enough to last longer on the show. Finally, will we ever see you and your brother Akshaye together in a project?His role of a cold-blooded Pakistani agent in the hit spy series The Americans has come in for praise.Today, Rahul Khanna fans can binge-watch Season 3 of The Americans on FX, noon onwards.The son of a 1970s Bollywood matinee idol turned politician, Rahul may have made his father Vinod Khanna’s industry his own, but has surely chosen to shape his own career rather differently.Rahul, with almost the same number of films to his credit as the years he spent in the industry, has made his own mark on the silver screen over the course of his decade-long journey.

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