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25 Jan

All three groups identify themselves as Qatari and their right to citizenship is not challenged, but subtle sociocultural differences among them are recognized and acknowledged. Qatar is a small peninsula on the western shore of the Arabian Gulf that covers approximately 4,247 square miles (6,286 square kilometers).The registration process for land ownership in Qatar differs depending on whether the land in question is being registered by a Qatari or non-Qatari party.A separate process also exists for the registration of usufruct rights, to which non-Qataris are also entitled to for up to 99 years.If the application is approved, the administration office will issue a deed of title to the non-Qatari and retain a copy for their records.In the case of registration of usufruct rights, similar to the process for foreign land ownership, registration is done through an office located within the municipality attaching to one of the 18 foreign investment zones where usufruct rights may be granted to a non-Qatari.

The landmass forms a rectangle that local folklore describes as resembling the palm of a right hand extended in prayer.Neighboring countries include Bahrain to the northwest, Iran to the northeast, and the United Arab Emirates and Saudi Arabia to the south.Since 2008, the Official Gazette of the State of Qatar has reported 63 decisions to expropriate private property and distribute it for public use, 23 of which were reported in 2011.On balance, however, such expropriation is unlikely to occur in any of the investment zones where non-Qataris may purchase or obtain a right of usufruct, however it is prudent to note that the law does not restrict the power to expropriate in these areas. (4) of 2008 is the primary legislation in Qatar that regulates the relationship between a lessor and lessee.