Predating ann arbor

01 Feb

The augur ritually defined a templum, or sacred space, declared the purpose of his consultation, offered sacrifice, and observed the signs that were sent in return, particularly the actions and flight of birds.Festus said that originally the auguraculum was in fact the arx.It faced east, situating the north on the augur's left or lucky side.For a celestial deity such as Jupiter, Coelus, Sol or Luna, the building should be open to the sky; an aedes for a god embodying virtus (valour), such as Minerva, Mars, or Hercules, should be Doric and without frills; the Corinthian order is suited for goddesses such as Venus, Flora, Proserpina and the Lymphae; and the Ionic is a middle ground between the two for Juno, Diana, and Father Liber.Thus in theory, though not always in practice, architectural aesthetics had a theological dimension.

Attrectare had a positive meaning only in reference to the actions of the sacerdotes populi Romani ("priests of the Roman people").

It had the negative meaning of "contaminate" (= contaminare) or pollute when referring to the handling of sacred objects by those not authorized, ordained, or ritually purified.

The latter tactic required promptness, wit and skill based on discipline and learning.

The design of a deity's aedes, he writes, should be appropriate to the characteristics of the deity.