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27 Jan

For public-facing web servers, two-factor auth is required.If you are a new user, please wait the delay and check web services again before submitting a trouble ticket.The Minerva web services are designed to support basic web pages for the intent and purpose of providing web-based science portals and other application interactions and to interact with the jobs, queues, and large science datasets on Minerva.One possible usage style may be to create a website for your department or lab elsewhere and pull specific real-time generated content from the Minerva web services via javascript includes, redirects, and API's.Usage is unlimited for the purposes of interaction with Minerva components and viewing science.

That is, each user's content/scripts run as that user.

Each user's default web services landing point is Account Creation Time Delay: It may take between 30min - 1hour after user account creation for the system to automatically subscribe a user to web services.

At this time, web services are only accessibly from on-campus at Mt Sinai.

Pending some DNS changes and testing, web services should be accessible world-wide. Content, executables, scripts, symlinks, applications, etc within the www/ folder may be ( or are ) world accessible.

Scripts and applications launched via Apache in that folder run as your user!