Orlik pipe dating

27 Jan

Carvings do not attract me as a rule, but on this piece, they just work well. Thedraw is open and the stem is flat and comfortable.

The stem is in excellent condition, and the cross-grain is pretty good. In fact, I can almost fit my thumb into the chamber.

The carbon on the rim looks far worse in the photos, I think, than it does in person. Thepoorest part of the pipe is the buffed down nomenclature, but even there, every letter and number is legible. 3 in size, but it is clearly a full-fledged 4, so right away, you're a leg up if you get this Dunhill.

The "Barling" is in script; family era Guinea Grains employ a "Barling's," with an apostrophe 's'.

5A touch of wear is visible at one part of the inner bowl rim, and the logo on the stem is freshly stamped. Thethick shank and somewhat bulbous bowl suggest a Rhodesian.

I'm not hip to the new nomenclature on Ashtons, but I think the"212" stamped on the shank bottom might mean this freehand-style pipe was made in 2012. 5 in size, with an opendraw and near-new condition.

There is carbon residue on the rim, but if there is any actual wear, it is minute.

It used to be one of the most popular in the world until it was discontinued.

Luckily, Orlik has shown the grace to bring back one of our favorite tobaccos.

Everything is wonderful about this pipe except for one featurethat will create a very good deal for someone..the bottom of the shank is a little hole, for lack of a better term, that shouldhave been filled, but wasn't. Bird's Eyeon one side of the bowl & decent cross grain running down the front of the tall bowl.