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20 Jan

They showed, among other things, that at least a dozen Springfield school employees were told there was a problem, including teachers, counselors, principals, school police officers and human resources officials.The Missouri State Highway Patrol's sex offender registry lists White as a non-compliant absconder with no current address on file.The registry's most recent photo of White was from Aug. Lisa Simmons, Greene County sex offender registrar, said White previously registered with the county, as required, and provided a valid address.However, citing the "open investigation," she could not provide details regarding the arrest.She said convicted sex offenders are required to register within three business days of conviction, release from custody or change of address.

Public access to this information is based solely on the fact of each offender's criminal conviction and is not based on an estimate of the offender's level of dangerousness.

By allowing public access to this information, the State makes no representation as to whether the covered offenders listed are dangerous.