No subcription cam sites

07 Feb

Or yell at your kid when they are refusing to go to sleep.Everyone likes to know that their home is secure and that everything and everyone inside is safe while we’re gone.In years past, that meant using a CCTV system to record, but few had remote access or alerts.My colleague Ben Popper uses a similar camera in his boys’ bedroom to monitor them when it’s time for bed, but even he said that the cost of the Nest Cam’s service would not be worth it.And that’s the real issue: the Nest Cam IQ is basically an expensive toy.

Video captured by the Cam IQ is saved in 1080p resolution instead of the 4K that the sensor is capable of.

Image quality is fine, but it’s nothing compared to a high-end smartphone.

They’ve always been a gimmick in my experience: not reliable enough for a proper security system, not practical enough to be a baby monitor.

But a lot of people really like them, so I spent the last week with the new Nest Cam IQ to see if it could change my opinion. It has a higher-resolution camera than prior Nest Cam models, but it doesn’t use that to output a larger video feed.

Combined with the fact that the only thing the Cam IQ can do when it detects an intruder is send my phone a push notification (which I may or may not see immediately), it doesn’t seem like a great solution if you really want to secure your home.