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22 Jan

After years of seperation, the curse against those star-crossed lovers was about to fall down.Along with it, the reason why you can't seem to stay away from him.Yuri, a young lady who lives in LA, always found love in the wrong places. Born and raised in Southern California, his high school friends told him that with his looks and winning smile, he should be a Korean pop star, never mind that his parents are immigrants from Thailand, and that he didn't speak a word of Korean.But after being scouted by a Korean pop singer and producer, he landed a contract in Seoul.

Until someone came along and completely changed her life. Taecyeon and Yoona were already a couple and married Wooyoung and Tae Yeon were already a couple and married Chansung and Sooyoung were already a couple and married Seohyun and Yonghwa were already a couple and The popular reality variety show is back!But will she ever be truly happy or will her past forever haunt her? We Got Married has decided two take two group members from South Korea's hottest groups of all time; Yuri from Girls' Generation and Nichkhun from 2PM. Yoona just an ordinary girl until her father company collapsed and they live in poor condition Her father health going worst day by day and she can't stand watch her only sister struggle to get money for thrm. that is originally classified as an "Urban Action Variety Show." Mostly, known that the MC's and guests compete with eachother with games,obstacles,eliminating eachother & etc on the way; to complete missions at a landmark to win the race. The story follows a group of rich, privileged, and elite high school students as they are groomed to take over their families' business empires.A soft giggle flowed out of him as he traced the area he practically latched onto with his fingertips, “So pretty..” He purred beside your ear, “I can’t wait to bruise you up babygirl.” His lewd words led your mind to go wild with thoughts of what they’d do to you, a soft whine flowed out of your parted lips the moment you felt the wetness between your legs completely soak through the silky fabric of your panties. Pushing up your dress, exposing your heavily drenched panties- a soft groan of approval flowed out of the two of them, “Wow-” Jun chuckled, running his thumb along the outline of his lower lip. “-Looks like our little slut really, really wants us Khunnie..” Nichk smoothly sank down to the floor beside Jun to get a better look at your drenched cunt, “Fuck.” He hissed just as he roughly groped your voluptuous thighs, “You’re so fucking wet, little one..” Licking his lips, he turned to the other man as his fingertips scraped along your inner thigh. But as time goes by, the two falling love, and they are expecting they first baby, but one day yuri is injured and she have to take one nurse with her to live with.