Mom and son chat

16 Feb

On my 21st birthday mom texted me "Mike, make sure you come straight home from work I have a surprise for your birthday." I told her I would be because I had no plans anyway. When we let go of each other it was silent for a minute and mom seemed flustered and her face was beet red.Mom said, "I think we should get out of here and head back to room but I'm not sure I can walk so you may need to help me." "Ok, but I don't know how much help I'll be, I'm just as drunk as you are." We made it to our room and mom said, "I'm going to change and use the bathroom first." While she was in the bathroom she yelled out "sweetie, do you mind if I wear your t-shirt from today to bed? I had already changed into shorts and a t-shirt and asked her "please don't start snoring yet, I still have to use the bathroom and would like to get to sleep before you." "No promises but if I were you I'd hurry up because booze and exhaustion are a bad mixture for trying to stay awake." As I was getting into bed mom said, "give me a kiss and hug before you go to sleep." I turned over to give her a hug and kiss and because we were both drunk we almost kissed on the lips and we both laughed at that.Then I gave her a hug and she squeezed me and once again it was a long awkward hug followed by silence and mom once again was beat red."Okay sweetie, good night, get some rest we have a long day tomorrow." "Good night mom." A few minutes went by and she was already snoring, and I couldn't fall asleep.Mom rolled over and draped her leg and arm across me, her face was almost on my chest.

Mike, bad news they screwed up the reservation and there's no other rooms available.

Do you want to try and see if another hotel has a room with two beds?

" "It really doesn't matter to me and it's a huge bed.

If you think it's a problem, then we can try and go somewhere else but to be honest it was a long ride and we're already here." "You're right and this isn't going to ruin our weekend.

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