Millionare dating show

13 Feb

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Our first holiday together was a £200 budget break in Tenerife in a two-star hotel.'I forced myself to carry on deceiving Lisa because I wanted to ask her to marry me - and I had to know for sure that she was saying yes for the right reason.' Lisa, 40, was a single mother with a five-year-old son when she first met Joe Johnson in October 2000.

She says: 'My eight-year marriage had just ended and I was working in a cafe trying to build a new life with my son Alfie.

'So for him to spend what little he had on such a thoughtful gift was lovely.

It meant the world to me - it still does.' Joe Johnson didn't tell wife Lisa that he had a £10m fortune until after they had become engaged Ten months later, when Joe proposed, she tearfully accepted.

'But I can say with complete honesty that I fell in love with a man who I believed had nothing.' The extraordinary story of how multi-millionaire Joe kept his fortune a secret from his wife-to-be reads like a script from a Hollywood movie and involved an intricate web of deceit.

'I would drive to meet Lisa in an old, dirty Land Rover,' says Joe.

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