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11 Feb

"Natural"Underwear style: "Briefs"Why he won't hurry love: "The right girl is out there, and I'd much rather wait and be with her than rush into something wrong."Do you manscape? Name: Alain Le Age: 29 Location: Moore Job: Physician E-mail: [email protected] three words, he's: "Funny, responsible, and charming"Superpower he wants: "X-ray vision.I'd love to go back."Hookup hint: "If I'm meeting a girl for the first time, I'd rather have her approach me first-It's hot when a chick is ballsy enough to be in charge and take the reins."Passion pit stop: "I'd love to get busy on the hood of a car with light rain falling on our bodies.It would be perfect if we were out in the country somewhere while the sun was setting."Three things he can't live without: "My email, chocolate milk and friends." Name: Larry Crenshaw Age: 24 Hometown: Morris, Personal Trainer In the words of the woman who nominated him: "Larry is close to his family, a real guy's guy with a sweet side." Hottest way he's been hit on: "I was talking to a girl at a party, and before she left for the night, she handed me her panties.They had her number written on them in her lipstick." On Saturdays: "I bass fish with my younger cousin.At night, I'm usually watching movies or dancing at a club." Sexiest babe body part: "Her mouth.

You'd pretty much be the best doctor in the world."Take him at his word: "A guy's brain is like a computer.

If he says he's not thinking about anything, he's in screensaver mode — he really isn't thinking about anything."Relationship fear factor: "I believe in soul mates, so I'm always thinking, How do I know this person is The One?

" Name: Chris Sorensen Age: 23 Hometown: Tulsa, Ski Lift Operator Snow man: "My passion has always been snowboarding, so I quit my computer programming job and took a gig at a ski resort.

Now I get to snowboard during my breaks, which means I'm out on the trails every day.

Now I get to snowboard during my breaks, which means I'm out on the trails every day.

It's my dream job."Pals say he's: "Playful, talkative, cheerful and loves being the center of attention."Gaga for a grin: "A nice smile is very sexy."Destination down under: "I have off during the summers, so I use that time to travel. The people were friendly, the landscape was beautiful, and I even got to hold a kangaroo.