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28 Jan

I post reports from Tug Hill, but that is a difficult area to report, with many clubs on different grooming schedules.The full northern corridor from Cochrane to Hearst is good."Hats off" to all western NY club members for working tirelessly year after year preparing trail systems in our increasingly crappy climate so we can ride 7 to 10 days a season. But it now looks possible that we might not be done with local riding for the year.Hardly seems worth it anymore, so the guys who do all the work deserve enormous credit. Rather than a state wide system with trails maintained in all traditional snow belt communities for so little riding, this may become strictly a trailer sport with regional efforts to maintain good trails in the few places that get enough snow to make it worth while. Things would have to fall just right, but at least we are freezing up again this weekend, with cold temps and little insulating snow cover, hence the ground is freeing up. Old Forge is reporting "good", with some inner trails "great".Trail reports are usually current, if not very detailed.Colden Trail Riders This club has been doing a great job, especially the past two seasons.

I will post reports of truly GREAT riding conditions from anyplace. Partly because I am a senior citizen and not as strong as I once was, if I am going to ride, I want conditions to be excellent.That's what this website is all about - reporting when and where you can find a truly great ride!Still a few open mud and water holes, but most trails freezing up nicely. NOTE: We ARE in Western NY; get out and ride before next Wednesday. I hope to go out with a couple of old friends now and then for a ride. A stretch of the "A" trail in Ontario between Smooth Rock Falls and Moonbeam, west of Cochrane, is still showing "Open".There are NOAA indications in the long range of a possible major warm up late next week. Tri-County is often one of the first to open, and they are out grooming, but I don't know if they will survive this rain. I'm getting a little old, but I plan to do my best to maintain this site for at least another season. Trails opening on the 20th; if we don't have too much of a thaw this week! We've certainly had a nice early season cold snap and plenty of snow. There is another short section near Wawa in far western Ontario still showing as open. Ontario is open with good trail conditions in the Cochrane area including the Abitibi Canyon loop.Most western NY trails are now open, including Tri-County, Colden Trail Riders, and Oatka. But expect spotty grooming, occasional water and mud, and other issues for several days while the trail crews catch up. Some trails are open limited north of Kirkland Lake, but everything from Kapuskasing to Hearst is now closed."Hello, we from the Rushford snowmobile club would like to thank you for all you do for us snowmobilers!!!!Even with yet another terrible year, you keep everyone updated and it's greatly appreciated.Hope for a great summer, which will lead to a cold and snowy winter." Oatka, Tri-County, and Sardinia trails are listed as open as of today. Conditions are still excellent in the far north around Cochrane.