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15 Feb

Trentina’s interior creates a lavish, yet relaxed ambiance with glamorous design touches throughout.The hyper-focused list also offers a small sampling of wines from Germany and Austria—a nod to the history of Trentino-Alto Adige, which became part of Italy within the past century and thus still possesses strong ties to the abovementioned territories’ traditions.Although Trentina’s list is confined to a narrow set of geographic parameters, it displays great diversity among producers and varietals not often found in Cleveland.Quartino is a bustling downtown Chicago restaurant and wine bar noted for its distinctive Italian small- plates menu, vintage decor, and attentive, personable service staff.Our menu features Italy's regional specialties including artisanal salumi, Neapolitan thin-crust pizza, house-made pasta, and seasonal dishes.

Menu items, served in moderate portions and meant to be shared, are perfect for adventurous diners ready for a unique experience.We are proud to introduce our new series, HERITAGE, where we'll meet some of the nation's most talented and passionate chefs.Restaurant Trentina1903 Ford Drive Cleveland, Ohio 44106 (216) 421 - 2900 MENUTrentina’s menu showcases the distinct cuisine of the Tyrolean region, which draws inspiration from Italy’s neighboring territories such as Germany and France, melded with the commonality of native ingredients in Ohio’s Cuyahoga Valley.Thus, dishes highlight Midwestern ingredients alongside imported and esoteric Italian products, and are prepared with classic techniques and inventive flavors.In traditional Italian style, the menu features several courses: Primo, Insalata, Crudo, Pasta, and Entrée, as well as an optional twelve-course tasting .At Trentina, Chef Sawyer takes culinary innovation to new heights with a true Food Lab on-site.Housed in the carriage house adjacent to The Glidden House, a historic boutique hotel that was once an impressive mansion built in 1910, Trentina shines with clean lines and powerful art work.