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15 Feb

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At some places, like anonymous testing sites, you do not have to have Ontario health insurance.

The test is provided for free regardless of your legal status in Ontario. If the test is 'reactive', a second blood test will need to be done to confirm that you do have HIV. Today's HIV treatments are easier to take (often one pill a day) and have fewer side effects than the treatments used earlier in the epidemic.

That is why it is important for people who are at-risk for HIV to get tested on a regular basis.

If they do get HIV, it will be diagnosed early and they can benefit the most from HIV treatments.

HIV is an infection that, with daily HIV treatment, is a long-term chronic condition.When a person is infected with HIV, the virus makes copies of itself by using the cells in the body that are part of the immune system.This means the person has an 'undetectable viral load', and HIV is no longer able to damage the immune system the way untreated HIV can.It also means there is a minimal chance that HIV can be transmitted to another person.Avrà inizio fra poche ore, all'alba dell'8 febbraio, l'impresa "marziana" dell'Austrian Space Forum.Regione di approdo: l'Oman sudoccidentale 06/02/2018 La prima antenna a disco del progetto Ska è stata assemblata completamente e inaugurata a Shijiazhuang, in Cina, alla presenza di rappresentanti dei paesi coinvolti nella progettazione e costruzione.For more information on HIV testing, contact Ontario's AIDS and Sexual Health Information Line at: 1-800-668-2437; Toronto: 416-392-2437. HIV can only pass from one person to another during specific activities.