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01 Feb

To see new data in the report, you can force Data Studio to update the report cache by clicking in the righthand side of the report header.And if you’re a single, heterosexual woman on Ok Cupid this means the number of messages you receive is almost unmanageable, and at times unsettling. We’ve seen some improvements, but unwanted messages can still slip through.We’re well-aware that there are some people on Ok Cupid who send inappropriate messages. So, we’re making a fairly radical design change that’s now available to everyone: first messages appear on the profile of the sender and on the profile of the sender.We looked at the results and listened to their feedback and we’re feeling confident that it’ll help you find better connections in 2018.So until our next update — happy new year, and happy dating!

The ones that never end up with a contact exchange or date on the calendar? We’re excited about improving messaging on Ok Cupid.

We know change can be rough, but we strongly believe it will make Ok Cupid a better experience for everyone — after all, we did test it out for four weeks, in 18 regions, on nearly a million Ok Cupid accounts.

In the beginning, back when Jo Jo and Usher were owning the charts, it made sense — even if Jo Jo actually being a pop star did not. People who were willing to post their faces online, share intimate details about their lives, and answer hundreds of invasive questions were relatively few.

We won’t begin to hypothesize exactly when, how, or why this changed, but flash forward to today and of people are now willing to do all of this in the name of online dating.

When they do fizzle, sometimes it’s you, sometimes it’s them, sometimes it’s both of you — but it happens, and we don’t really need to know why and we also don’t think you need a constant reminder of them.

So those conversations slide down to “Old Conversations” after 90 days, and will be there for when you decide you actually mind about your Victorian doll collection being a deal breaker.