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27 Jan

I will post a solution as soon as I come up with one, unless someone else is able to before me The usual cause of this is that the value in the grid's store doesn't tie up with the value in the value Field of the combobox.Most of my combo's are remote combo's and work with proper integers: 2 not '2' and work fine... So far everything is working as it should, so I am not too concerned that the id isn't an integer at this point. To enable data editing in Web Data Gridâ„¢, add the Cell Editing behavior to the Behaviors collection. It's probably worth you digging into that a little more to figure out why that is happening, it could cause other problems.Many people don't realize that the string '2' is not the same as the number 2 in Java Script.

If your data source cannot be automatically updated by Web Data Grid, you must handle the update events and update the data manually. Major concern with any data entry form is Add, Edit, Delete and View.Uncheck Auto-Generate Field from the Property window.Add three Template Field Column for Employee Name, Designation, & Delete Button.You must have a supported data source for this type of automatic update to occur. For a list of data sources that can take advantage of this feature, see Supported Data Sources. It covers most of the basic reports for which you do not need any reporting component like Crystal Report, Report Viewer etc.Assumptions- We are using SQL Server Express editions as Database.