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01 Feb

However, they advised him against telling his parents or the wider public.‘I don’t think they were trying to protect my career or their careers.In 2006, his sexual appetite landed him in trouble with the law after he was escorted from the Park Lane Hilton having been found wandering the corridors in a balaclava in search of a man he’d met in a bar and arranged to meet for sex. Tribute to his lover Anselmo Feleppa, who died of an Aids-related brain haemorrhage. George Michael’s heartbroken boyfriend Fadi Fawaz pictured on Christmas Eve, just hours before what would be his final visit to his long-term partner at his £4million home in Goring-on-Thames, Oxfordshire Mr Fawaz (left) last night revealed how he found the singer dead on Christmas Day.It was rumoured he had suffered health issues and put on weight, weighing as much as 16 stone before his death (right)George Michael's hairdresser lover Fadi Fawaz (pictured left with Michael and right with the singer and Kate Moss) has claimed on Twitter that he discovered the singer's lifeless body and that he will 'never stop missing' him The source claimed that the singer would party all night at his £8million Highgate mansion in north London, saying: 'George loved having friends over and was often still going strong well into the following morning.

His manager, Michael Lippman, said he had suffered a heart failure but claimed there was 'no foul play whatsoever'.

Michael’s boyfriend Mr Fawaz, from Australia, said: ‘We were supposed to be going for Christmas lunch.

Talking to the Sun before the singer's death, Roman said: 'We're going to George's house on Boxing Day.

To me, you do the Christmas rounds and you see all those people who are big influences on my life.

Michael would spend the next four years secretly nursing him.

Feleppa’s death in 1993 threw George into what he later described as a ‘depressive spiral’.

This continued right up until his death.'Mr Goss, a US art dealer, and Lebanese-born Mr Fawaz were both spotted running errands for the star at his homes in Goring and Highgate, north London.

Food was delivered to the Oxfordshire cottage in the days before his death, apparently ahead of planned Christmas Day celebrations.