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05 Feb

She told while going to bed it is good for health to drink milk and requested me to sip and give it to her.

Let me explain about the Sarojini Aunty aged approx 38 . Now let me explain how I met my experience with my aunty.

that aunt was sexually very attractive , she was little fair in complexion , but mid black nicely curved figure , specially her ass ,with fair boobs for me was like an angel. One day in hot summer I am traveling to Delhi the train. Then we started chatting so many things and he belongs to my native place. We became very close and started discussing about love, girls, sex and so on.

When we look ass every man should feel that she must be fucked. In our discussion he expressed that he is in love with some girl Priya by name and shown her photo to me.

He told that priya is not educated much but expert in sexual attitudes.

But when Krishna started to make friendship with her she stopped all her sexual activities with others and become whore to Krishna.

He was shown some other photographs of her mother Sarojini( who is my sex ange L.

Slowly I removed my clothes and joined her on the bed. Slowly I inserted my dick into her cunt and pushed it very hardly. Then I kissed on forehead and started slowly up and down. After 2 hours of continuous fuck she cummed and my self cummed in her cunt.

I climbed her and kissed all her face and started sucking the lips. She tied my hip with her legs tightly and not allowed to remove my dick from her cunt.

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Then I said breast milk of Sarojini is good for health.