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18 Jan

Even the official You Tube app for i OS doesn’t let you live stream.In fact, it’s virtually impossible to buy a camera these days that can’t shoot a great photo in the right hands. Archaic menu systems can take an age to sift through.Even modern cameras with touch screen interfaces often quickly show a lack of understanding when it comes to a touch driven user experience.This is why the Yi 4K action camera’s Open API was such a fantastic idea.It’s why hacking the original Yi HD was so popular.

If you have ever tried this you will know this is not an easy thing to do.

It’s very unnatural but worse than that because you are not making eye contact with them it’s much harder to connect with them and get the best out of them, especially if they are novices in front of the camera.

Thanks to the Yi Open API, Mn_n H now brin us one of the features that a lot of Yi 4K users have been begging for.

You can now stream your Yi 4K camera directly to You Tube and Facebook through a new i OS app.

If you film babies, animals etc it will also help as it makes them look into the camera. 😉 The Eyedirect is not cheap, often a problem with products made in small quantities, which is a shame as it will be out of the price range of many.

The smaller version which is fine for most cameras is just under 00, but if your work means you need to get people to look into the camera this is a small price to pay for much better results, less time in trying to make it work and simply being able to make your interviewees feel so much more comfortable and therefore appear less awkward on screen!