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31 Jan

This blast was 500 times more powerful than the Trinity detonation in New Mexico four years prior. By the late 1960s the island was home to 300 military personnel and 1000 civilian contractors who sole job was to reach “zero defect” levels for the nuclear and chemical weaponry stored and tested on the island.

[ Dr Oppenheimer, in charge of the Manhattan Project felt a heavy burden lift off his shoulders as his Russian colleague Dr.

Kistiakowsky threw his arms around him in an ecstatic victory embrace. By 1949 Russia followed suite with their own detonation.

government declassified a set of military documents which outlined the real story behind a series of failed high-altitude nuclear tests and atmospheric air drops during 1962 on a tiny atoll in the middle of the Pacific called Johnston Island. military during the 1960s describe Operation Dominic as the most successful nuclear military ever conducted.

The watermark of this testing period occurred during 1962 as part of Operation Dominic which comprised over 30 nuclear detonations in the Pacific. A series of failed tests on Johnston Atoll and the surrounding “danger zone” waters were played down by the Joint Task Force who at one time directed the detonations from an old World War II Bunker on the island.

Several people took photos posted them online saying the cloud clearly resembled the Virgin Mary, although other people believed looked like was God or Jesus Christ.In one video clip, it appears as though a 'hand' reaches out from the cloud, making the vapour mass look even more human-like.