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09 Feb

Citing that one-third of Americans, living paycheck to paycheck, have no retirement savings, E-Trade showed old people working in various industries to the strains of "Day-O." The grim implication: You should that income you don't have!

But if you listened closely to the lullaby, you recognized Nirvana's "All Apologies," the Kurt Cobain song featuring lyrics like "everything is my fault / I'll take all the blame" and "choking on the ashes of her enemy." The ode to human potential pairs oddly with suicidal .

But the greatest monument to America's muddled, nostalgic conversation with itself is undoubtedly the 2018 Super Bowl Dodge ad. But it gets worse when you realize (as many have pointed out) that King specifically warned against the evils of consumerism — But you can see what they were trying for.

Well, companies are feeling shy in the wake of the boycott wars of 2017.

This Super Bowl was being boycotted from both sides: by those on the left angered by Colin Kaepernick's exclusion from the league, and by those on the right angered by players kneeling — or by the political ads that ran at the Super Bowl last year. Last year, corporate America took a firm stand against the new administration's contempt for immigrants.

The Ram commercial celebrates marching troops and resource-gobbling trucks to the solemn strains of the Rev. The dead were supposed to lend cover and coherence to these efforts to market products to an America that no longer quite coheres.

Justin Timberlake — who first appeared at the Super Bowl thanks to headliner Janet Jackson (to her career-derailing detriment) — didn't invite any big names to share the stage with him.

Budweiser ran an ad that portrayed its founder's journey to America, highlighting the ways he was mistreated here (in those distant, blinkered times) for the crime of being foreign. But the atmosphere was such that right-wing viewers read attacks on the president even into the sorts of anodyne messages that have always powered American capitalism.

84 Lumber ran an ad in which a mother and daughter try to emigrate to the United States from Mexico. A 2014 Coca-Cola ad (which no one dreamed of objecting to when it first ran) sent the far-right into conniptions when it ran again before the 2017 Super Bowl. Because they'd been taught by then to take any inclusive message as an attack, to the point where they objected to the fact that a song extolling America was sung by a variety of people in languages that were not 2017 ended up being a tough year for the NFL.

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