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02 Feb

He dates a girl, and she acts as if she has earned some kind of merit badge or something. Everybody talked all the time about how his dick was the largest in the school. They say it's unmerited ‘cause you never went through any team initiation or anything like the rest of us." "I never heard about any team initiation, Jake." "That's cause technically it's illegal. I'll bet you’re damned hungry and could eat just about anything." As he said that, he peeled down his speedo. Let's just get them clean." I wanted to put my boxers on, but Jake didn't give me a chance. I carried the plastic bag with the filthy jockstraps in, and my hard prick bounced when I walked. I don't know if that's true at least I didn't know at the time, but I knew it was massive. Well, he has a strong, attractive swimmer’s chest, but also those really puffy, pouty, stick out kind of nipples that are almost too big for a guy, but really hot on hot dudes. They can look really wrong, like girlie tits on the wrong guy, but on the right dude, they are awesome. " I guess I have to admit that by this time, I did idolize him. I talked to him on the phone every night like I was his girlfriend or something. I feel kinda like we’re brothers or something, don't you? You know how parents and school boards are about that kind of shit, but we always do it. I would tell the other guys that you would put in some time as a kind of a team manager. Do that for about a month, and then I know they will accept you as one of them. I'll tell them that starting tomorrow, you’re serving initiation time, and they can give you little, mild chores to do to prove your loyalty. Now, I'd seen him naked like I said in the shower before, but for some reason, this felt so different. And, eh, take it home, and wash it out for me, would you? I thought of Jake’s big, fat, hairy balls, and enormous cock. I had no idea that Jake had already spoken with the other senior guys, but I was soon to find out. We have to take gym at my school twice a week even if we are on the swim team, and practice every day after school. " I stood there with the ruler now in my own hand, and my hard dick bobbing and swinging. Don't look so scared." "If you're taking a picture of my dick, why must my face be in the photo? " So, I posed with the ruler next to my cock while Jake snapped four photos. I'm getting bored." “I thought you wanted me to put Skeeter's jock strap-on? Since Skeeter's jock strap was the stinkiest and the foulest, I wanted to get it out of the way and wash it first. I am an only child, and I am alone a lot, as my Mom has to travel for her job. Times are different, and kids fuck much younger now. Well, the loneliness I felt, led me to try even harder to make new friends at my new school.

No one was mean to me or anything, but those kinds of things take time. " He got this sweet boyish look on his handsome face.

The girls at the school really seemed to take to me, and I think that made some of the jocks jealous.

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