Dubya dad and dating

21 Jan

Authoritarians are more common and often constitute majority of middle managers in the corporation.

The same Potemkin village as their family life, where wife and children .

And after that is done, you will be discarded like an empty cardbox.

But there is no such conflict inside sociopathic managers.

When in power, they typically use their animosity to keep others in line.

In other words they are real sharks, endlessly seeking the prey to fill their emotional emptiness with possessions, be they things or other people.

And they are literally insatiable in their needs, and are highly focused in their pursuit of them.

Most individuals in modern societies are caught up in the perpetual struggle of striking a balance between pursuing their own interests and respecting others' rights.

When their own pursuits take precedent over others, individuals typically feel some guilt or shame about their greed.

In this sense the most dangerous subtype are female sociopath, as they use their gender as bullet proof vest to deflect any counterattacks.

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