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02 Feb

The heart question icon appears when a mod has not been endorsed.Program Files, then you may have to run MO as administrator or give your regular user account access rights. The alternative and safer method is to edit the security settings of the folder to give your user account full control.is a GUI that shows the default values of the game ini files in either a Basic or Advanced format.For a more detailed discussion on updating Mod Organizer, please see the this section of the Mod Organizer Advanced Guide.Initial Setup If your game is installed to a UAC-protected directory, e.g.

Section headings such as [Display] can be chosen from the drop-down menu selector at the top of the GUI and that section will show the specified section from the ini.

If a lightning icon with a green plus sign appears in the Flags column, when the virtual data directory is created the corresponding mod will overwrite file(s) from a lower priority mod while none of its files will be overwritten.

In addition, the mod name will be greyed out and italicized.

If you want to use the mod despite this fact, you can right-click the mod and select Ignore missing data to remove the flag.

Scroll through the list and enable the 3.5 Framework by clicking the box.

Close the dialog and restart your system if prompted. You may have to click it twice: once to log on to the Nexus, and a second time to actually download and install the update.

If a lightning icon with a red minus sign appears, the mod will will not overwrite files from any other mod but will have one or more of its files overwritten by a higher priority mod.