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18 Jan

Using the same melody, children at Louisville Experimental Kindergarten School would sing Good Bye to You, Happy Vacation to You and — with every birthday celebration — Happy Birthday to You, Patty said in the deposition.

Pink has now released the music video for her single Beautiful Trauma.

The singer has a history of releasing popular videos, and with her latest she's managed to pull in some Hollywood talent as well as a few raunchy moments.

That question may finally be settled, courtesy of a lawsuit filed last week in federal court in New York.

"Happy Birthday to You Happy Birthday to You Happy Birthday Dear ----Happy Birthday to You"Every 5-year-old knows it.

It also features actress Nikki Tuazon, who is best known for her roles in Memoirs Of A Geisha and Gigli.The video borrows a lot from the format of American TV shows back in the 1960s, with Pink and Channing clothed in styles of the time.It is the most frequently sung song in the English language, according to the Guinness Book of World Records, surpassing the works of Bach, Beethoven and the Beatles, says the Songwriters Hall of Fame.It has been sung in 143 movies, translated into at least 18 languages and used in ads to sell everything from insurance to margarine.But on cross-examination, she admitted that the sisters never published or copyrighted the lyrics to Happy Birthday — not even as the song grew increasingly popular over the next two decades from coast to coast."I was never a money grubber," Patty said, explaining she was more interested in education.Brauneis said his research shows that while Happy Birthday probably was first sung in Louisville, the lyrics developed informally and nobody can rightly claim them."Happy Birthday to You Happy Birthday to You Happy Birthday Dear ---- Happy Birthday to You" Every 5-year-old knows it.

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