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If you happen to snag yourself a reservation, consider yourself lucky.Hike Whale Mountain on a clear day and you can see the Arctic Ocean, 30 miles away.You’ll take a bush flight over the Brooks Range to get there, then raft through canyons flanked by 9,000-foot peaks and expanses of tundra carpeted in cream-colored Dryas octopetala flowers.How to Do It: Book a five-day ride with the American River Touring Association, which will pick you up in Missoula, Montana—about 80 miles from the put-in—with rafts, camping gear, guides, and chefs to prepare meals such as fish tacos. Everyone should see this land of pampas and peaks, and one of the best ways is on a mountain bike.The terrain spans thousands of miles north to south, taking you over the lava fields of active volcanoes, through araucaria and bamboo forests, and into the shadow of the legendary Torres del Paine massif, which is best enjoyed at sunset.

How to Do It: From 0; The Draw: There are only 880 mountain gorillas left on the planet, and I’ve always wanted to take my daughters to see them.

About 36 gorilla groups live in Bwindi Impenetrable National Park, in southwestern Uganda.

From ,875; The Draw: Happy fish—fish that are healthy and stress-free—are a true angler’s nirvana.

It makes sense that you’d find them in the Everglades, an International Biosphere Reserve and World Heritage Site.

There’s no detail that celebrated chef-owner Erin French hasn’t had a hand in, from the flat­ware to the candles on the tables, the latter of which are made from reclaimed barn siding.

The cuisine is just as thoughtful, with weather, season, and availability all driving her creations.